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“Jeg har besøgt dette unikke mødested for kreative oplevelser flere gange, og i flere forskellige anledninger. Fælles for besøgene har været, at stedets iboende ånd gør alle processer lidt nemmere, gør tanker lidt anderledes, løsninger lidt mere spændende..." Per Damm, Centerdirektør, Nykredit Erhverv Læs mere her

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  • Environmental sustainability
  • CO2 neutral
  • Roundhall with starry sky
  • The Magic Garden
  • Holistic and Visionary

“The artistic, aesthetic, creative premises and surroundings of Axis Mundi Studio are in a class of their own. ” Gary Wallis (Pink Floyd, Michael and the Mecanics, Tom Jones, Atomic Kitten…) Read more



“The Magical Garden in Fredensborg, where we enjoyed our strategy meetings, has been the inspiration for the Dome of Visions.
Flemming Wisler
Co-founder of Dome of Visions
Axis Mundi Studio and The Magic Garden is a music and movie studio and a venue for creative experiences, which will give you transformation, new solutions, visions and innovation. We look forward to providing you with experiences that will increase your quality of life.

Recording and producing music and multimedia
Professional recording quality at reasonable prices. Have your music or movie recorded and produced at our professional studio.

Music Composition
We provide music for feature films, short films, TV, animation, documentaries, computer games, sound design. Always on time and in the best quality. See showreel here.

Rental of the studio for courses, meetings, workshops
Axis Mundi Studio is a place for musicians, artists and business people who want to let their creativity flourish in a meaningful way. Prices and booking

We have concerts, meditations, lectures, adventure tours in the Magic Garden, courses. Every Tuesday there is an event. Read more about events …

Concerts and lectures
We offer audiovisual meditation and rock concerts, and lectures both in and outside the studio. Prices and booking >>