Spørg professoren

Ask The Professor

- Hvordan laver man et CO2 neutralt studie?
- Hvordan laver man et vandøkosystem?
- Hvordan bringer man sig i balance med sig selv og økosystemet?

Bestil et foredrag om tilblivelsen af Axis Mundi Studio ...

- How do you make a CO2 neutral studio?
- How do you build an aquatic ecosystem?
- How do you enter into balance with yourself and with the ecosystem?

Find the answers by ordering a lecture about the making of Axis Mundi Studio ...

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Jacob og Ecatarina

Axis Mundi Studio is a place for musicians, artists and business people who want to let their creativity flourish in a meaningful way. A visit to Axis Mundi Studio is a journey into the realm of immersion and through the history of life. We’ve built a place that is full of inspiration and that will fascinate everyone.

Ecaterina and Jacob Moth.

The vision and the story

Axis Mundi Studio was created from the vision of creating a microcosm, that is a small universe where all healing and powerful energies come together in one small place. Everyone who uses the studio has the benefit of the energies for their activities. Download the whole vision.

The Magic Garden

Next to the studio in the Magic Garden is the open outdoors stage. Both the studio and garden are filled with the latest advanced technology and archetypal and mythological figures from life’s infancy. The eternal tales about life and the most advanced technological tools are part of a symbiosis that provides a fertile foundation for the development of new ideas. All energy is supplied by solar panels, wood pellets, a windmill and solar cells. The garden was designed and built by Jacob Moth.


The studio is located in the heart of North Zealand, 500 metres from Fredensborg Castle and the castle’s adjoining forest and lake.


You enter Axis Mundi Studio through the Green Space, which is filled with life-giving green plants all the year round. An old vine stretches from the ground up through the foundation and spreads her leaves into the studio from the ground floor to the first floor.


The studio’s main building is a custom-designed round hall 53 square metres large. On the hall floor, a large yin-yang sign is made of ash and wenge. There’s a hand-carved pillar in each of the four cardinal directions. The hall is equipped with a computerised sound and lighting system, consisting among other things of a large screen and a starry night’s sky. The possibilities for using sound and light effects are versatile and can support any purposes.
- 21 directors chairs.
- 1 director chair, extra tall.

The Leonardo da Vinci suite
A small suite on the first floor is named after Leonardo da Vinci due to his accomplishments as a scientist, inventor, artist and religious mystic – a model for our site. The suite has openings on all sides as well as in the roof and floor. It is equipped with roof windows to the delight of both a vine – which stretches from the Grand Lobby – and human users of the suite. The specially designed round windows in the form of a soltegn and a yin-yang sign. They represent the studio’s two watchful eyes out to the world.

    Very adventurously furnished with full equipment and its own entrance.

  • Dining table with seating for five people
  • Bed for resting
  • Small desk
  • Large sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Hobs
  • Energy efficient refrigerator
  • Cutlery for 22 people

Bathroom 1
with a bath tub

Bathroom 2
with a shower

The studios control room is equipped with modern studio equipment, a large screenhollow, meditation platform, a fireplace, organic carved shelves, tables and a hammock.


    Video og Light equipment

  • 3 projectors
  • screens
  • 1 custom built computer
  • Watchout 5.2 software
  • 19 dmx lamps with varied opportunities
  • 1 Black Magic ATEM video mixer
  • 1 Panasonic AG AF-101E Video camera with fisheye
  • Live stream Original Procaster software
  • 1 Black Magic SDI video card
  • Live streaming from mobile 288 to HD 720
    • Speakers

    • DynAudio Air 6 5.1 surround
    • Audix A1

    • 2 Sanken CU 44
    • 3 Audix SCX-One
    • 1 Manley Gold
    • 1 Audix D1
    • 2 Audix D2
    • 1 Audix D4
    • 2 Shure 57
    • 2 Shure Beta 58x
    • DPA 4011 TL
    • Røde NT4

    • Mac 2 * 2.26 Quard-Core
    • Mac Dual 2.0 GHz
    • MacBook Pro
    • 1 Logic 8.01
    • 1 Logic 9
    • Final Cut Studio Pro 2
    • Final Cut Studio X

    • 1 Apogee DA 16X
    • 2 Apogee AD 16X
    • 1 Motu 828mkII
    • 3 Manley Voxbox
    • 1 Manley Vari Mu
    • 2 Demeter stereo Preamp
    • 1 Virus b
    • 1 Triton synth
    • 1 NordStage
    • 1 Trace Elliot Speed Twin Gui Amp
    • 2 Voc AC 30
    • 1 Sherman Filterbank
    • 1 Jerry Jones Sitar
    • The Butterfly Guitar
    • 1 Fender Jazz Bass
    • 1 Spansk Gui Amalio Burguet
    • 1 Akk Guitar
    • 1 Fernadez Gui
    • 1 ESP costum strat
      Plug Ins

    • Vienna Symphonic Library
    • Duende SSLL
    • PowerCore
    • Stylus RMX
    • Omnisphere
    • Neve 88RS
    • Neve 33609 Classic Buss Compressor
    • Dreamwork
    • Noveltech Charater
    • Comprehensive sample library